Association of Surf Angling Clubs
Association of Surf Angling Clubs
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Vincent T. Morris: January 10, 1963 - December 26, 2018

Sad to post that ASAC heard from both family and friends today that Vinny Morris passed away suddenly.

Vinny fished with South Jersey Surfcasters but was a friend to almost everyone that fished Asac regularly. He attended almost everything and was always quick to lend a hand. Vinny was one of the best/nicest/funniest guys you’d ever meet. Words can not express what he meant to ASAC and how much he will be missed. 

The picture was chosen because we know how proud Vinny was to get his hands on the Anglers Cup trophy. One of many great accomplishments that came from time spent with his SJSC buddies on the beaches of both NJ and NC. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sue, his family, and SJSC. Please pray for them with us. God speed my friend. 

Funeral arrangements can be found at the url below:

ASAC Presidents Meeting, Saturday February 9, 2019

Annual Awards Banquet, Saturday March 2, 2019

ASAC Annual Meeting, Saturday March 16th 2019

2018 ASAC Annual Awards

Note from the President
Thank you to all the clubs and individuals that came out to fish with us in 2018. Especially the parents that brought the 125+ kids out to the beach. Getting the young’ings to put the electronics down and do a little surf fishing is something we are extremely proud of! 👍
And thank you to all our series sponsors. Your support helps make our events successful. And while we proudly promote the products and provide direct angler exposure, most of our sponsors jump on board because they love and support what we do. And that’s awesome!
Year end team and individual results will go up on the web page in a couple weeks. Presidents meeting date is TBD but will likely be in early February. 
Annual awards banquet and fundraiser is set for March 2nd. The best way to help Asac is attend our banquet and spend a couple $. See everyone there!

Welcome to the Association of Surf Angling Clubs

The Association of Surf Angling Clubs was founded in 1915 by a dedicated group of surf anglers primarily interested in perfecting and improving the art of surfcasting. Several of those instrumental in its founding were H.W. Shaner, who was Secretary/Treasurer for 50 years, Harry Stelwagon and numerous others.

Since the beginning of the Association, tournaments were and remain the prime focus of the Association, sanctioning surf fishing tournaments and acting as an arbiter when needed. The Association also reviews and calculates the points at each tournament to determine the championship teams and individual champions. The team and individual winners are awarded championship jackets, prizes and awards at the end of the tournament season.

One of the original concepts for the Association during its formation was conservation of marine resources, though no active role was played by the Association in this field until the original pressure for Striped Bass Legislation was made in 1948.
At that time, the Association played a very active role in the passage of the rules now in effect. Since that period, the Association has continued its role as a leader in the conservation field, especially in the state of New Jersey, where the majority of member clubs are located.

Presently, the Association promotes surf fishing to our youth through youth fishing tournaments and seminars. With the help of several communities, the Hooked on Fishing not on Drugs program and the Dare program, youth fishing tournaments have grown and stimulated the interest in the art of surf fishing for many of our youth. These tournaments have well over 200 children participate.

In addition to tournaments, conservation, and youth education, the Association takes an active role in beach access for all, up and down the East Coast. The Association is an active member of UMAPA, (United Mobile Access Preservation Association) with many of the clubs individual members belonging to access groups such as New Jersey Beach Buggy Association, North Carolina Beach Buggy Association, Outer Banks Preservation Association and others.

The main goal of the Association of Surf Angling Clubs is as it always has been and still does, to promote the sport of Surf Fishing.
As we move closer to our 100th Anniversary, many people to numerous to mention have kept up the tradition of this organization and all from the founders to today's officers are to be commended for a job well done.

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