Association of Surf Angling Clubs
Association of Surf Angling Clubs
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About The Association of Surf Angling Clubs

The Association of the Surf Angling Clubs was founded in 1915 by a dedicated group of surf anglers who were primarily interested in perfecting and improving the art of surfcasting. Several of those who were instrumental in its founding were H. W. Shanner who was Secretary-Treasurer for 50 years, Harry Stelwagon and many others. Those who carried on the tradition in more recent years were Roland Gilpin, Victor Galgano, George Hill, Judy Claudius, Bob Egles, Bob Pond and Larry Christiansen. There should be special tribute paid to Roland Gilpin, Victor Galgano and Larry Christiansen for outstanding leadership in recent years as past presidents. Judy Claudius, George Hill, Bob Pond and Herb Blackwell excellently performed the difficult and most encompassing job of secretary. John Gaykowski, Bob Egles, and Larry Christiansen performed the duties of the most concerned treasurer. Special recognition should be given to Bob Corso, Vic Galgano, Bill Fodi, Larry Christiansen and Herb Blackwell for their continued hard work and dedication to the H. W. Shanner Annual Association Striped Bass Tournament. A well deserved doff of the hat to Larry Christiansen for his tireless work on behalf of the tournament casting and in particular the Ocean City Cup Event.

For many years tournaments were the prime consideration and function of the Association. Although one of the original concepts of the Association during its formation was the conservation of the marine resources, no active role was played by this Association in this field until the original press for striped bass legislation was made in New Jersey in 1948. At that time the Association played a very active role in the passage of laws now in effect. Since that period, the Association has played a major leadership role in the conservation field, especially in the state of New Jersey where the majority of its member clubs are located.

The Association approves and acts as a clearing house for the following tournaments each year:

  • H. W. Shaner Striped Bass Tournament
  • North Philadelphia Surf Club Tournament
  • South Jersey Anglers Association Tournament
  • Brigantine Sportsman’s Association Tournament
  • Double Dipper Tournament of the Fishing Mermaid’s of Atlantic City, N.J.
  • Ocean City fishing Club Tournament
  • Long Beach Island Fishing Club Tournament
  • Nagshead Surf Fishing Club Tournament
  • Pennsauken Surf Fishing Club Tournament
  • Cape Hatteras Surf Fishing Club Tournament
  • Brunswick Surf Fishing Club Tournament
  • Tri-State Tournaments sponsored by Stripers Unlimited Club


Membership in the Association of Surf Angling Clubs shall be open to any club with not less than 25 active members and which includes surf angling and/or surf casting in its recreation.

Application for membership shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Association in writing. It shall enclose an agreement to abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the Association and also a list of the officers and number of members. Initiation fee and annual dues shall a company such application.

After the officers of the Association have favorably screened the club application, the club shall be accepted as a provisional member with all the rights and privileges of a regular member, until the next annual meeting of the Association, at which time the club shall be eligible for regular membership and may be admitted upon majority vote.

The initiation fee shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00).

The annual dues shall be thirty-five dollars ($40.00) payable in advance on or before the annual meeting.

A provisional club, not being accepted at the Annual Meeting will be entitled to the refund of prepaid dues and initiation fee.

If the dues of any club are in arrears for sixty days after the annual meeting, the privileges of this Association may be withdrawn at the recommendation of the Executive Board.

Any clubs seeking reinstatement, who have voluntarily dropped from the Association through proper notification to the Secretary will not be required to pay an initiation fee. All others will have to pay a new initiation fee.


Each Regional Director shall be responsible for activities in his respective state, which deal with conservation of natural resources as they may affect member clubs and legislation for the same. He shall be responsible to the Vice-President of this Association for the reporting of such activities as they occur. He shall also be empowered to appoint an Advisory Committee consisting of members from member clubs of this Association, within his jurisdiction to aid him in the exercise of his duties. He shall endeavor to enlist new clubs into the Association in order to strengthen the Association’s ability to operate within his jurisdiction.


The delegates shall consist of three members from each club. This senior delegate will cast the single vote for his club.

Each club shall file with the Secretary of this Association on or before the Annual Meeting each year, the names and addresses of club officers chosen to represent it in this Association.

The delegates shall be members of clubs in good standing.


Bill Goodman acted as both the secretary and the recording secretary during a period in ASAC history when there was no standardization of tournament rules. The hosting clubs up until this time generally established their own tournament rules which led to confusion and accusations of unfairness. Bill wanted to improve the current system to make it a fair and level playing field for all. He asked then President McGirl, to authorize him with the authority to pressure the host clubs into a standard?of common fishing rules for each tournament. It was met with great resistance, but Bill was persistent. Bill was a stickler fair play and for every body to have a chance at winning. He was against calcuttas as he felt that money prizes tempted cheating. Many of the By-law rules regarding cheating were instituted by him. Bill supported getting the first insurance coverage for ASAC to protect the association and the hosting clubs. Bill pressured tournaments that were headquarters in bars to move and risked losing those tournaments rather than give in. Bill Goodman was champion of the little man, and wanted only fairness and sportsmanship in our tournaments. Bill died of cancer only a couple of years after Walt Llewyllen became ASAC President.

  • 1994 Tom Fote
  • 1995 Jerry Dilks
  • 1996 Henry Twardus
  • 1997 Florence Pancoast
  • 1998 Walter Llewellyn III
  • 1999 James “Sonny” Gatto
  • 2000 George Foreman
  • 2001 Mike Stefanowicz
  • 2002 Jim Jefferys
  • 2003 Kurt Reinart
  • 2004 Sol Weinstein
  • 2005 Dot Foreman
  • 2006 Rich Bergman & Bob Collepardi
  • 2007 Jane Jefferys
  • 2008 Charmaine Wishart
  • 2009 Richard ‘Doc’ McGirl
  • 2010
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